Morgan currently has a 130% Genoa on a roller furler and a fully battened main with 3 reefs on Tides Marine SailTrack. The sails are made by Lee Sails.

In addition to the Genoa and Main Morgan has a Jib to mount on the inner forestay and a Storm Trisail.

The Jib is about 139 sq ft with a 28' 9" leech and a 9'8" LP. The luff is 24' 6" and the foot is 11' 4". It has a 2' lower pendant and a 5' 3" upper pendant.

The Storm Trisail has its own track on the mast and is about 98 Sq Ft. It has a 20' leech and a 9' 10" LP. The leach is 24' and the foot is 11'.